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Our Story

Crafting Dreams into Reality

Our Mission

Wesport was founded with a mission to redefine sports management, guided by a commitment to deeply held values. At the heart of our objective lies the art of athlete representation and the creation of groundbreaking corporate alliances, merging the worlds of sports and business with purpose. Our mission goes beyond, championing sustainability to envision a future where sports and corporate responsibility harmonize. Join us as we reshape the future of sports into a legacy of lasting impact and shared success.

152 Athletes

41 Countries

129 Titles

40 Leagues

We Turn Athletes Into Winners

Brand Partnership

Joining forces with Wesport athletes is more than a partnership; it's an alliance with individuals who represent integrity, philanthropy, and compelling narratives from various backgrounds. These athletes recognize the power of teamwork and sustained partnerships in securing lasting success.

Words from Our Founder

After my tennis career ended short of breaking into the top 100 WTA ranking, I pivoted to business, enrolling at Stockholm Business School. Yet feeling unfulfilled, discovering 'What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School' by sports management pioneer McCormack, changed my direction. The book immediately ignited my own passion for sports strategy.

My journey took me to Washington and a job as an agent at one of the leading agencies, where I represented one of the world's best tennis players—a dream come true. However, after eight years, I started experiencing a gap in the industry's focus on profit over personal commitment and I decided it was time for me to take the leap and make a career change.

Driven by a vision of a more athlete-centered approach, I founded Wesport in 2014. Starting from scratch, Wesport is built on personal engagement and professionalism, aiming to maximize athletes' potential. Our philosophy mirrors the dedication of athletes: focusing on every detail to outperform our competition. We strive to create the best conditions for our athletes' success without claiming a magic formula—just hard work and a commitment to excellence.

Thank you for considering joining us at Wesport on this fulfilling journey.

– Nina Wennerström, Managing Partner & Founder