Athlete Representation

As a professional athlete you are fully dedicated to performing at the highest level. At Wesport, we will work equally hard to ensure that everything else is taken care of and that you have the space to focus exclusively on your game. We make the lives of our professional athletes less complicated and more efficient. We build personalized teams around each client where everyone works together towards the same goals.

Athletic Development

Development Plan

Our goal is to maximize your potential and make sure that you achieve your goals. We take great pride in our wide network of elite coaches that our clients can tap into to find the right support for their careers. We also collaborate with some of the most prestigious sports academies around the world and will work tirelessly to find the right organization, coach and location to take your career to the next level.


As a professional athlete it is important that you optimize every aspect of your life. Food and nutrition plays a key part in finding the winning formula for you. Wesport can give you access to some of the most respected sports nutritionists in the world and we will ensure that you always get the right support in putting together a nutrition plan that works for you.

Strength and conditioning

Wesport clients have access to an extensive network of fitness experts and personal trainers that can help you improve your performance. It is not only about getting stronger or faster; staying healthy is vital so that you can compete on the highest level week in and week out.

Sports medicine

Wesport will always be there to provide the support you need if you were ever to suffer an injury. We make sure you get the right help at the right place at the right time. We will get you access to the most sought-after specialists and doctors to diagnose and treat any injuries as quickly as possible.

Sports psychology

Finding the right mind-set is one of the key areas of an athlete’s life where we often see a lot of room for improvement. It is as much about enhancing your performance as your general well being. Finding the right psychologist is a personal matter and we will provide you with options until we find the perfect solution. We allow you to tap into a wide range of experts that will build and strengthen your confidence when you need it the most.

Commercial Services

Contract Negotiations

Wesport will maximize your commercial value as a professional athlete, regardless of whether you compete individually or in a team sport. Through our extensive network of specialists and our in-house expertise in managing negotiations, we will always make sure you get the best possible deal when negotiating your contractual agreements. We will also identify and secure the most lucrative sponsorships and endorsement deals in the market place.

Legal Counseling

Through our partner MAQS we assist in drafting, negotiating and reviewing any commercial agreements to make sure that you are fully protected. We can also help you set up companies abroad and register trademarks. Our legal counselors have extensive experience in tax planning and can optimize your revenue structures so that you always get the most out of all your commercial commitments.

Financial Services

Wealth management and financial services are the foundation of your long-term prosperity as a professional athlete. We understand the importance of working with people you can trust and our carefully vetted experts will set up portfolios and investment strategies that will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your game.

Insurance Counseling

Sports insurance is a complex matter that requires careful analysis and planning. We work closely with our athletes to take all necessary provisions and ensure long-term stability in case of an injury. We work with insurance experts to ensure that our athletes get the best coverage at the most competitive rates.

Combine your studies and sporting career

We believe in creating long term success for all of our clients, and to have a study background is an exceptional path to prepare yourself following the conclusion of your athletic career. Wesport individually supports, guide, advise, and assist our clients in finding the best possible academic institution as well as the best path to develop as a professional athlete.

Marketing and Media Services

Personal Branding

Building a unique brand has become an important opportunity for every professional athlete. Just like with a traditional brand, personal branding relies on a signature image and a unique voice that your fans around the world can grow to recognize. Wesport will guide you in this process, helping you build your own personal brand and leveraging it to further your career.

Communication, Social Media & Media Coaching

In a fast-paced and constantly evolving media landscape, communication is a vital aspect of any athlete’s career. Regardless if you are looking to be more present in traditional media or newer channels like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat we are here to support and guide you, as well as managing your media presence so that you can focus solely on your performance.

Influencer Marketing

An athlete’s influence stretches far beyond social media and can add credibility to campaigns and brands throughout a variety of industries. At Wesport we understand influencer marketing and we work closely with our athletes to find the right opportunities for their personal brands.

Post Career Planning

We believe that the end of a sports career is the start of a new chapter. We are well connected in the corporate and media industries and we will guide you through the opportunities and openings that will be available to you when it is time to find new challenges and explore new horizons in life. Studying or retraining for a new career can be challenging, which is why we aim to provide support every step of the way.


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