Sponsorships are an effective way of making a company’s marketing budget work smarter and more effectively. We are strategic advisors and we have extensive experience in brand and sponsorship management. Modern sponsorships are much more than just a logo placement and it is important that the target audience understands the connection between the athlete and the brand. Wesport will find the right platform for your company by sourcing the right partners for your brand. We will always do this with your target audience and objectives in mind.

Possible benefits for your company include:

Brand Optimization & Exposure

When companies link up with high-profile athletes for strategic partnerships it can be a powerful and mutually beneficial collaboration that transcends traditional one-dimensional branding approaches. We build bridges between businesses and the world of sports to seek out the best opportunities for both athletes and brands.

Sponsorship procurement & Sales

This is one of the areas where we truly excel. We specialize in sponsorship procurement and sales, and we will find the right sponsors for your organization through our global corporate network.

Product Placement & Digital Presence

We can increase your brand presence in the digital channels where you need more exposure. Integrating your company’s brand into a professional athlete’s daily life is an effective way to strengthen your brand and reach out to clearly defined target audiences. A well-run campaign through an athlete’s social media channels can increase your visibility, promote your products or services and drive traffic to your company’s website.

Client Entertainment

Engaging in sports and event sponsorships is an opportunity for you to improve your relationship with existing clients and build relationships with new prospects through unique and exclusive experiences. This can include pro-ams, clinics, VIP tickets to the biggest sporting events and much more.

Athlete Appearances

Having athletes participate in promotional appearances and private meet-and-greets with your clients and guests can be a unique opportunity to promote and strengthen relationships with key players in your industry and generate new business opportunities.

Goodwill & Customized CSR Programs

We will help you develop meaningful initiatives that will build and enhance your brand. You can be part of an exciting journey and strengthen your company’s brand image by helping professional athletes fulfilling their dreams and goals.


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