Wesport and The Sports Corporation signs a partnership

Wesport is very happy to announce a new partnership for the North American hockey market. The Edmonton based The Sports Corporation (TSC) will effective from today be a Wesport partner towards the NHL market.

“In TSC we have found just what we have been looking for. Just like Wesport TSC is all about commitment and personal engagement. TSC has shown that they have had huge success in helping players maximising their potential, both on the athletic as well as on the commercial side. We are very excited about this partnership and we now look forward taking the next step in building the nr 1 hockey agency in Sweden.” says Wesport founder Nina Wennerström.

TSC is a world leading hockey agency. It was founded 1985 and is a full service agency with offices both in North America and Europe. TSC represents over 40 NHL players such as Vezina Trophy winner (NHL best goalie) Carey Price and Stanley Cup and Olympic Gold Medal winner Ryan Getzlaf.

CEO of TSC is Gerry Johannson. Mr Johannson has been an agent for over 20 years and is named on Forbes most powerful agents list.

“We are truly happy to become partners with Wesport. We have been following Wesport and we are really impressed with the professionalism and dedication why we are convinced that this is a partnership that will strengthen us both. As Sweden keeps being an leading hockey nation with a lot of talent it is of course important for us to have a great local partner - as we now have in Wesport!” says TSC CEO Gerry Johannson.

Stockholm as of April 14th, 2017.


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